Dabrowski’s Smoked Meats

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think this place should win an award for its fantastic logo. Nothing says meat like a kneeling mermaid wielding a shield and sword. Maybe she’s preparing to slice a gigantic ham. Either way, I like it.

I also like the line “Always Fresh Own Products” on the old-school sign because it has the ring of a founder who may have been English as a second language, and besides, you came here for meat, dangit, not punctuation. Any meat shop that’s still operational after 25 years and which was started by a Polish guy has my immediate vote of confidence.

Located in Timmins, Ontario, next to a pasta shop, the bright, clean storefront has a massive chalk board wall listing their daily lunch specials such as Montreal smoked meat and pulled pork sandwiches, but you can also be tempted with pierogies and homemade soups instead. While you may have walked in completely full it’s easy to end up considering whether you should indeed have a second lunch immediately.


A jaunty ceramic pig rests at eye level on an immense glass-fronted refrigerator, proudly showing you where the best cuts of meat come from and not at all disturbed by the implications thereof. The fridge, as well as the freezers lining two walls are stocked with smokies, sausages, kobanosy, kolbosa, bacon, ham, and their signature beef jerky. I was happy to find “hormone free, product of Ontario” frozen chicken, available by the piece or by the, er…the chicken. There were some surprises, like frozen quiche and soups, and some not-so-surprises like cabbage rolls (in a Polish store? That’s crazy!)

The shelves near the door were stocked with specialty sauces, seasonings, and pickled or tinned goods, many of which were imported from Europe. They carry my favourite Polonio brand pickled beets, and nothing “beets” that… *acknowledges and revels in your collective groans and eye-rolling.* At midday I was already too late for the clearly popular “hot and ready” BBQ chicken. But I sure would have been hot and ready for it, heh. Purchases made and mission accomplished (“We went there to buy meat, and we bought meat” said E), we left the store certain of another visit next time we came to town.


Dabrowski’s Smoked Meats Facebook page
Dabrowski’s Smoked Meats is located at 125 Wilson Avenue in Timmins, Ontario.