Toffanello’s Fresh Pasta

I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect to find a made-from-scratch pasta shop in Timmins, Ontario. Toffannello's7.JPG

It was located literally a few steps away from a butcher and a baker…but sadly, not a candlestick maker. “Comfort Food Corner” is what the owner, Krysta Kiraga, affectionately called the neighbourhood. And think how wonderful it would be to have your dinner by candlelight *still miffed about the whole candlestick maker thing.*


When Krysta took over the business in 2014 she decided to keep the name and the famous pasta recipe that’s been going strong for over 25 years. They use a fleet of specialized traditional machines to create all sorts of pastas that are fun to say in an overly boisterous  and badly-executed Italian accent with accompanying hand gestures: Rotini! Macaroni! Linguini! Spaghetti! Fettuccini! Ravioli! Canneloni! Gnocchi! Lasagna! Rigatoni! Feel free to hum a sterotypical Italian ditty. Anything not made with these machines is made by hand. Then again, if you’ve ever made pasta noodles you’ll understand it is still very much a handmade process whether you use a machine or not. It’s not cheating, it’s a godsend.

Pasta is available dried and bagged, as a frozen entree, and as “pasta pronto” available in the refrigerator, vacuum sealed, sauce and all. You can even get buttered garlic bread that way, it’s like they are enablers for the lazy. Left with no fridge or freezer space to spare, E and I indulged in the daily lunch special and picked up some dried pasta for the pantry.

The front staff was very knowledgeable about the products and made it a pleasure to visit and learn. The store also carries a variety of imported Italian goods, including oils and vinegars, roasted red peppers, pizzelle (bet ‘cha can’t eat just ten!), and my favourite brand of Aurora tomatoes. The fridge contains fully cooked seasoned chicken, cooked sausages, oven-ready lasagnas, cannelonis, and stuffed shells and because anything else would be a travesty, real parmesan cheese. Did I mention they cater too?


Before we left, Krysta invited us to follow the scent to the kitchen and watch her stir an impossibly large vat of tangy tomato sauce with a giant wooden spoon. It brought to mind some sort of earth mother stirring a cauldron filled with potion (minus the cackling), and considering how much energy and excitement she has for her craft, I would have to imagine it would be a love potion. Awwww.


Toffanello’s is located at 119 Wilson Avenue in Timmins, Ontario.
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