Kamloops Lake View Point

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

This stop is located along highway #1 about 30 kilometers west from the city of Kamloops.



Washroom type: Outhouses
Cellphone reception: Yes…I think…
Shared parking with transports: Yes
Privacy while parked: Heck no, it’s right beside the highway
Full-shade parking: No
Picnic tables: Yes
Body of water: Yes (to look at)
Swimming Hole: No
Scenic vista: Yes
Open year round: Yes
Risk of tumbling off a cliff: Yes
Risk of rattlesnake bites:


Comments: Despite the presence of rattlers, you get the feeling that this rest stop wasn’t necessarily built to be a rest stop, but because people kept pulling over for the spectacular view and it was only natural to put up a couple picnic tables and bathrooms. The scenery pairs well with silence. You can take in the views of the lake, city, mountains and desert-like landscape and if you’re lucky you can catch the sunset and watch a train snake its way along the orange hills of the opposite shoreline.

Choo choo!

Additional map from the government of BC.