So there are two of us, and we are living in a van. You can call us E and R (we’re still a little shy of The Interwebs).

This blog was created for several reasons:

  • To highlight our favourite attractions, parks, and businesses
  • As a resource for other vandwellers
  • To keep our families and friends in the loop (Hi Mom!)
  • As a fun experiment

Disclosure time. If you’re interested in vandwelling we want to provide some context for our living situation: Together, we run a micro business in the arts and entertainment industry that requires a lot of travel but needs no storefront, so we can operate it from our van. Think of it as freelance or gig-based work. We are in our 30s, with no children, no (traditional) home, and no student loans to pay off. R is originally a west coaster and E is from the central/eastern interior. We both come from a middle class background, went to university, and used to have “regular jobs.” After much research, E left his former job to pursue his new business and R left hers because there was no longer a reason to stay (c’est la vie). We started spending a lot of time on the road in 2013, and moved into the van in 2015.

More disclosure: We have friends and family in British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. When we are travelling nearby, these amazing people often let us plug in the van and stay in their homes, sometimes for weeks at a time. This is very useful in the winter when we are grateful for a break from the freezing conditions of the outdoors, but for the majority of the year we’re on the road.